At Kano we make custom, handmade contemporary jewellery inspired by and made for self identifying women.

All inspired by our love for modern and ancient design, colours and shapes combined. All made from lightweight, high quality polymer clay, our jewellery is easy wearing despite the size. Stylish yet convenient.

All jewellery is handmade in Nottinghamshire by Sara Farrag-Kramer. Sara has worked with jewellery starting off at the age of 15, starting her work experience with Jewellery historian and Jeweller Vanessa Frisbee. She was taught how to work with all precious metals and stones. Now at 22, she uses her experience to make affordable yet sustainable pieces for modern women to feel adorned and confident in.

All our products are made with polymer clay. Cut, sanded and filed by hand in small batches, each piece will be individual to you.